My origins

western_ghatsLet’s rewind the clock by 33 years 10 months. The birds chirped as the sun crept up over the Western Ghats . A young married couple hurried out the car and up the steps towards the entrance of the temple. As they passed a mango tree laden with fruit one ripe, golden mango set itself free aided by gravity, and dropped into the young woman’s arms. It was June of 1980 and 9 months later in March of 1981 I entered the world, My origins started with the travels of a young couple to a place which held the promise to fulfill their prayers and I have been smitten with the travel bug since . The tile of the blog says Brazil to Bellary , as that is where the idea for this blog originated. However, the reason for this delayed first post was all the thinking into where to start this story from.In the next post these 33 years 10 months will be a speck of dust compared to the fabulous journey i hope to take everyone on.

until next time,


Srikanth aka Koroosh aka Max aka Toninho