“Travel. It’s in our genes (and jeans)”

We all have our reasons to travel ranging from stress relief to looking deep into ourselves to find out what we are made of.  The cat i wanted to bell the most in my life is who am I truly and is travel truly in our genes. I got the perfect opportunity to do so when a brief conversation with a colleague led to the discovery of the National Geographic Genographic project https://genographic.nationalgeographic.com/.

Just as we have passports with visa’s stamped in their to track our travels , our DNA has its version called Marker or tracer genes which could help us trace the path our ancestors took which led to the passing of the travel gene across generations.Apart from a scientific interest it’s my honest opinion that if we all did this it would show that we are not that different underneath that skin.


The infographic details my DNA breakup and that path taken by my maternal and paternal ancestors. I hope this will inspire more people to share our “human story” as National Geographic calls it. As i said in my previous post my 33 year 10 month journey is but a speck of dust in this vast human story.